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Organise your staff party, business event or public happening at Olympic Stadium. The Olympic Stadium is a multipurpose venue where a team of staff is ready to produce your wants. Corporate events also benefit from an inspiring setting: in the Olympic Stadium a business meeting can easily be combined with an active and informal setting.

 With easy accessibility, parking capacity and over 290 m2 of private rental space, it’s no surprise that the Olympic Stadium has been called “The most inspirational location in The Netherlands"–


Hosting your corporate event can be combined with a fun activity on the “hallowed turf” and legendary race track. A press conference or teambuilding event is immediately more attractive: sprint on the track where the world’s finest athletes have competed or score on the turf where so many legends achieved success.  

Some ideas to make your event a success: 

  • Everything starts with a good story. Book an experienced athlete or coach for an inspiration session ‘maximum performance’.
  • The stadium is not only accessible by car, but also by boat. A royal entrance!
  • Football Clinics 3.0: all the street football tricks from a true professional
  • Sport can balance well with drinks to follow. 
  • End your day in style with a BBQ on the VIP Terrace.  

Proposals for business events are custom designed. Contact us for the possibilities and availability. Or take a look at the basic facilities of the 1928 Olympic Room now. It is our largest space with an 80-person capacity. 


Public events come in every shape and size. We’re happy to deliver distinctive concepts and, here, you’re fixed for distinctive locations. It’s best to talk to make the best match. Get in contact with us directly.