Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam
(Foundation for the Exploitation of Amsterdam Olympic Stadium)
Telephone 020 - 305 44 00



It’s easy to find photogenic spots around the Olympic Stadium. For the taking of promotional photos, filming commercials and other production or creative projects. 

All photography and film shoots require making advance contact with the Olympic Stadium. Together, we will schedule a date and agree to the best possible production planning, we can designate a good spot for access to the stadium, and we can also provide additional facilities, like changing rooms or electrical power.  

Unscheduled photo or film shoots are not permitted at Olympic Stadium: it is possible that the stadium is rented exclusively at that time, or there are other ongoing agreements that do not allow a shoot. 


A location fee is required for photography and film productions. Please contact us for more information and rates.


During (public) events separate press accreditation is generally required. Contact us with any questions regarding accreditation at specific events. 


The Olympic Stadium is only a few kilometres away from Schiphol Airport. Filming with a drone is, in accordance with the guidelines of the Environment and Transport Inspectorate – Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, prohibited within a radius of 15 kilometres of the airport. Check here for the relevant guidelines on drones. 


It is possible to photograph from the Marathon Tower. However, it is a climb up some narrow stairs and bringing along a lot of heavy equipment is not recommended.