Cruyff Foundation Open Day

To visit the annual Open Day, free subscription at the Cruyff Foundation website is strongly recommended. 

Cruyff Foundation website

The cruyff foundation

The Cruyff Foundation Open Day is about having fun with sports, meeting new friends and find information about several types of sports. On this day, young people with and without disabilities can participate in (wheelchair) basketball, fencing, judo, kickboxing, horse riding and many other sports. The Cruyff Foundation supports all children to be active: with or without desability. A lot of additional activities such as a climbing wall, bouncy castle and a wheelchair track make this day a really cool experience for all kids. 

The Cruyff Foundation website provides information about all the foundations' activities. 

The Cruyff Foundation Open Day 2014 team picture of ambassadors,
with founder Johan Cruyff in the center.