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  • Tram line 16, 24 (Olympisch Stadion stop)  
  • Bus GVB-line 15 (Olympiaweg stop) 
  • Bus Connexxion 347 (Olympisch Stadion stop)
  • Metro 50 (Amstelveenseweg stop) 

See the OV9292 journeyplanner for current times and prices. 


From the A10 (Zuid “south” ring) take exit S108. Follow the route marked 'Centrum'. 
You will see the Olympic Stadium on your left. At the traffic lights turn left, Laan der Hesperiden.
You are on the direct approach to the parking garage.


The Olympic Stadium parking garage is open 24 hours. The parking rate is 0,50 eurocents per 9 minutes with a maximum fee of 50 euros per day. 
Choose the correct entrance:

  • Short-term parking: left gate
  • Parking with a subscription: middle gate
  • P+R (see conditions below): right gate through the loop

Maximum vehicle height is 2.00 metres


For a visit to the centre of Amsterdam, you can use the transit Park & Ride (P+R) conditions. It is possible to park for 24 hours for 1 euro at the Olympic Stadium and then travel to the city centre by public transit. Make sure you are very familiar with the terms of this arrangement to avoid unexpected costs. At the parking entrance driveway, be sure to select the correct gate (right). When you opt for short-term parking (left), you cannot use the P+R scheme.
Planning on using the P+R system for your visit to Amsterdam centre? Read the information on this website or review the instruction video below, before you park.



There are several pedestrian exits from the parking garage.
Floor plans with exits and address numbers are located in various areas of the garage.
For the offices of the Stichting Exploitatie Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam (Foundation for the Exploitation of Amsterdam Olympic Stadium), choose the pedestrian exit next to the parking attendant. Once outside, turn right (number 2),
View the map here with location numbers for all offices in the Olympic Stadium.