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Once the home turf of coaches, players and press: now this venue is completely transformed into a presentation and meeting room. The 1928 Room is super-flexible to set up. Standard equipment includes a screen, projector, microphones and adjustable lighting. 


Both small and large groups can meet in the Olympic Stadium: the room can accommodate 20-100 people, depending on the set-up.
This venue can be rented from 750,- euros per half-day session, exclusive of catering and parking fees.

Olympic champion Miek van Geenhuizen and director of the Olympic Stadium, Carla de Groot, celebrate Coca-Cola partnership and the opening of the 1928 Room. 


Carefully selected catering completely makes your business event. Organic juice, a wide range of soft drinks, a sports breakfast or just the ‘third half’ with a drink and a snack: we make a sport of ensuring the catered offering fulfils all your wishes. 

Producing your EVENT 

Make the day unique with stadium programming, like:

  • a tour and midfield photo moment
  • teambuilding or a (sports)speaker
  • sports clinics 
  • arrival by boat